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School Logo

Catherine Wayte

Primary School


Welcome to the World of Maths!

We recognise the central importance of Mathematics both as a subject in its own right and the role it plays in understanding and interpreting number (including data), geometry, measures and statistics across the curriculum and in the real world.


We believe it is important to develop pupils so that they become numerate and have the skills to apply their knowledge and understanding to everyday situations and a range of practical contexts. It is a subject which pupil will use throughout their life.


We intend to provide a curriculum which enables pupils to believe themselves to be mathematicians. They will develop their resilience, perseverance and determination gems when learning new Maths, applying their understanding to different contexts and when solving a range of problems.


We believe Mastery is vital in developing pupils’ mathematical understanding. Pupils will receive an engaging sequence of lessons, in line with the National Curriculum, which develops their understanding so they achieve their full potential. These sequences will develop their mathematical vocabulary, skills, knowledge and understanding through; fluency (knowing number bonds, times tables and practising calculating strategies), applying fluency through a range of different contexts, solving reasoning questions and solving a variety of increasingly complicated problems (reasoning and word problems). Enquiry and experimentation are key mathematical skills which pupils will use and develop throughout the Maths teaching. At Catherine Wayte Primary School, we shorten the different aspects of the learning as FARPS. Teachers explicitly teach these different aspects of  Maths in the lessons. There may by more than one aspect taught in one lesson.


Pupils will be taught to select resources they will need to help them learn, ask questions, explain patterns and try things out. They will be given opportunities to develop individual, pair and group work.

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