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Catherine Wayte

Primary School

A Mystery Box

On Thursday 2nd November, a large wooden box arrived in school for Miss Hill. The mystery box had been found in her aunt's garden. The children all wondered what could be inside. No one guessed the contents correctly. 


Two brave pupils carefull opened the box to find .... some smelly cheese and a bottle of wine. 


Miss Hill's aunt thought that as Year 2 are learning about London they would like to see the box. Year 2 had no idea how smelly cheese and a bottle of wine were linked to London or The Great Fire of London. 


Mrs Kaushal with the help of some of the Year 2 pupils searched for these items and The Great Fire of London. The search indicated that these items link to a man alive at the time of The Great Fire of London called Samuel Pepys. 


Year 2 will let you know why Samuel Pepys is connected to smelly cheese and wine.


All Year 2 went outside to see the School's new History Timeline to see if we could spot when The Great Fire of London occured in British History.