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Catherine Wayte

Primary School

Celebrations of Achievement

This page is updated regularly with celebrations of the achievements of our Year 6 children.  Each week, we select a handful of pupils who have demonstrated extremely positive behaviour for learning and as a result are thriving in class!


8th April

Nyiah: brilliant progress in Maths

Noah: great logical thinking in electricity experiments

Jake: incredible effort and progress in Maths

Chloe: amazing recent progress in Maths and Reading

Neave: always showing kindness and consideration to others

Meson: taking time in Maths - reaping the rewards!


1st April

Luke and Hayden: well considered and clearly

Oliver: contribution to discussions in Science

Rosie: enthusiasm and engagement in all lessons

Alfie: logical and clear explanations in Science


18th March

Martha: great work ethic and progress in writing

Holly: really well written witches' spell
George: perseverance and determination in art

Will, Arno, Dom and Theo: fantastic team work when writing a group witches' spell!


11th March

Ebony: excellent narrative writing about Macbeth's dilemma

Arno: incredible independent work in PSHE

Kaylia: fantastic attitude to learning

Layla-Grace: working so hard in all curriculum areas

Seth: great contributions in Maths, explaining methods clearly

Matt: amazing progress in algebra


4th March

Mason: continued hard work and achievement in English

Louanne: excellent consistency and talent with writing

Elliott: fantastic contributions in class discussions

Edem: fantastic attitude and effort in learning

Maisie: amazing effort in all work


11th February

Will: fantastic contributions in class

Hallel: superb attention to detail and care in all work

Twisha: increasing contributions in class

Chloe: excellent persuasive letter writing

Nicola: calm and helpful when assisting Miss Hill with first aid emergency


4th February

Aishani: superb historical skills with primary and secondary sources

Dylan: constantly striving to improve your excellent writing

Neave: efforts in all aspects of learning

Hope: great expression in your reading with Mrs Bendle

Kinnari: great efforts in writing, striving for the best

Maisie: great dance work with William last week!

Noah: showing your great understanding of evolution in your science essay


28th January

William: great paired work in Dance this week!

Elizabeth: adapting to your new English and Maths classes so brilliantly

Leah: fantastic effort in Maths, especially with fractions

Emil: for the excellent level of detail in your Science essay on evolution


21st January

George: great contributions in whole class reading (from a long time ago!)

Eva and Nyiah: great progress in Maths

Harry: superb behaviour for learning; commitment to learning

Zara: the Heart of Gold award!

Eva: care and attention in learning

Dom: great control in his Mayan story writing


10th January

Luke: excellent investigative skills in Maths!

Atharva and Adithi: great language choices in short-form poetry

Arno: consistently great contributions in class discussion

Meson: hard work in English this week

Hope: great work in haiku poetry and creative ideas


3rd December

Luke: excellent personal qualities and being a role model

Elliott: politeness and friendliness at all times

Edem: great effort and work on fractions in Maths

George: great knowledge and curiosity in History


26th November

Susitha: settling in brilliantly to V6 and showing great learning behaviours

Seth: excellent recent efforts in Reading discussions

Alfie: great teamwork helping others in Science

Charlotte: brilliant experiment write-up in Science

Rosie: engagement across the curriculum and great contributions

Jessie: working hard in Maths and great progress with remembering times tables!


19th November

Tori: great understanding of fractions

Nyiah: great writing, including adapting and editing during initial writing stage

Mya: fantastic efforts and attainment in writing

Oliver: great enthusiasm towards all learning

Maisie: fantastic attitude in all learning

Kinnari: approaching all learning with a bright and sunny attitude!


12th November

Twisha: fantastic effort across the curriculum

Hallel: engagement and interest in learning; contributions to discussion

Oscar: focus with work and trying your best

Holly, Mason and Harrison: trying your hardest and showing great learning behaviours


5th November

Louanne: continued commitment to learning - a great role model!

Lily: all of her excellent learning behaviours shown in her time at CWPS

Hayden: brilliant punctuation use in Mrs Brierley's writing group

Emil: bravery and maturity when injured in PE

Dominik: superb effort and contribution in Maths

Eva: mature attitude in all learning


15th October

Ethan: great dedication and skill in sketching during Art lessons

Nicola: marvellous monstrous minibeast poetry work

Martha: excellent learning attitude and being a great role model for others

Bella: fabulous attitude and maturity

Elizabeth: fantastic effort in all English and Maths this term

Leah: brilliant focus and progress in Maths


8th October

Adithi and Dylan: excellent understanding of negative numbers, including great reasoning and problem solving skills

Matt: brilliant investigative skills in Maths 

Zara: great commitment to learning, especially spelling (100% record!)

Layla-Grace: fantastic attitude to reading, and recording in reading record


1st October

Maisey: being calm, considerate and conscientious in all learning

Harry: using great vocabulary and sentence structures in his writing 

Adi: enthusiastic attitude towards learning in all subjects

Max: mature attitude towards learning and great contributions in class


24th September

Neave: maturity and responsibility around school

Will: fantastic effort in all subjects, especially PE and spelling

Aishani: excellent explanations of vocabulary, particularly in whole class reading

Noah: amazing efforts in all subjects


17th September

Eva: excellent attitude to learning

Jake: for valuing all learning and making great contributions in class

Kaylia: for gaining her confidence in sharing with the class

William: great commitment to work and helping others with their learning


10th September

Atharva: incredible minibeast classification knowledge

Chloe: perseverance and progress with pesky place value

Arno: perseverance and improvement in netball skills

Theo: fantastic contributions in Maths