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Catherine Wayte

Primary School

Object in the Wildlife Area!

On Thursday, V1 and V2 were going into the Wildlife area to do some pond dipping. However when we reached the pond, one of the children spotted something leaning near the fence which shouldn't have been there. All the children had a close look


What could it be?

Where had it come from?


How did it get there?


Year 2 couldn't answer any of these questions but they did have some great ideas.

  • It had NASA on it so it might be part of a spaceship or rocket
  • It might have fallen from a rocket as it took off 
  • It might from a rocket falling down!


Miss Hill showed her bravery gem by touching it to see what it felt like. It was very cold and hard. 


Year 2 will keep you up to date with what we find out.