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Catherine Wayte

Primary School

1st February 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Well done to you all for completing another successful week of home learning. It really looks like you are enjoying and engaging with the work that we have planned and set for you - so well done and thank you children and parents!


Just a few things to mention to you:


Please remember to do the correct maths work for your maths teacher (this may be the other Year 5 teacher rather than your class teacher). Remember to watch the correct teacher’s video.

After you have completed your maths work (that is *** on the timetable) please ensure you mark it before you send it in to your teacher. This is really important as it gives you feedback on how you did.

The work that is required to be sent to us this week is as follows:


  1. Science: Separating Mixtures Work
  2. Thursday Guided Reading Comprehension Answers
  3. English: Non Chronological Report Best Copy (Volcano/Earthquake)
  4. Friday Maths – Mrs Minter Mini Test or Mrs Hemns TYM sheet page 84 (marked please)


Please email the work over and send Maths separately, if possible, for the appropriate maths teacher. It would be very helpful if we could receive this ready for marking on Monday morning. If you are in school on the Monday, you can hand deliver your four pieces of work to your teacher.

Other pieces of work that you are completing can be shared when we return to school so you may like to keep it all safe in a folder.


Please note: there is no Monday folder included on this home learning page this week, as there are no related resources needed for this day’s work.


Thank you for your continued engagement and support.


Have a lovely week and stay safe!


Mrs Hemns, Mrs Minter, Mrs Willett and the Year 5 Team.