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Catherine Wayte

Primary School


Extract taken from our phonics policy:

High quality phonic teaching secures the crucial skills of word recognition that, once mastered, enables children to read fluently and automatically thus freeing them to concentrate on the meaning of text. Children at Catherine Wayte Primary School will secure automatic decoding skills and progress from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’ for purpose and pleasure. The ultimate goal of learning to read is comprehension. (Rose Review, 2006)

It is essential that children use their phonic skills across all curriculum areas. Teachers and teaching assistants model the correct articulation of phonemes.

At Catherine Wayte we want children to:

  • Benefit from a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics from initial entry to school
  • Enjoy the discreet teaching of phonics using a synthetic approach
  • Have regular access to high quality phonic teaching which -
  • secures the crucial skills of blending which enables children to decode phonetically regular words, recognise sight vocabulary and therefore read fluently, enabling them to concentrate on the meaning of text
  • secures the crucial skills of segmenting which enables children to encode words for spelling
  • Enjoy a consistent approach to learning phonics, ensuring that pupils are able to focus completely on the phonics being taught due to their familiarity with the routines of their learning
  • Reach the phonic screening threshold at the end of Year 1.

We are currently in the process of switching to a new scheme of phonics delivery, Unlocking Letters and Sounds (ULS).  Whilst our outcomes in phonics have always been strong, we believe the move to a new scheme will allow our pupils to cultivate an even more secure understanding of phonics.  Information on this page will be updated shortly, including a revised policy and further support for parents.