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Catherine Wayte

Primary School

British Science Week

British Science Week


The theme for this year's British Science Week was TIME.

Year 2 enjoyed the 3 different activities planned:

  • Metamorphosis Mayhem
  • Moths
  • Get Set Jellies



Both classes enjoyed creating/colouring their own moth in order to camouflage it from a predator. The classes investigated which colours would be needed in order to camouflage in the Wildlife Area. Then V1 an d V2 coloured their moths. A game was played where the children had to hide their moths and the predators would see if they could spot them in under 30 seconds. The teachers were the predators and if the children's moths were spotted the predator would 'eat' them. 


Metamorphosis Mayhem

A game of rock, paper, scissors helped the children to understand the life-cycle of a frog. They would start off as frogspawn (curled up on the floor) and then play a game if they won they could move onto the next stage of the life cycle. If they didn't win then they had to find someone at the same stage and play again. Great fun was had by all. Some frogs developed very quickly while others were stuck at the frogspawn stage.


Get Set Jellies

In this investigation Y2 investigated whether adding fruit to jellies would change the time it took for the jellies to set. Pieces of pineapple, orange segments and raspberries were added. There was a difference in the times. The jelly with no fruit (our control jelly) set slower than the other jellies. The jelly with the pineapple set the quickest.  Y2 enjoyed testing them too.


We also had the Wonder Dome visit the school. Year 2 learnt about the Planets and space travel. They loved being able to see the different projections in the Dome to help them understand. There was a great discussion about Voyager Mission.