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Catherine Wayte

Primary School

1st February 2021

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,


We hope you have all had a great week. We will read a story Monday to Thursday as a year group and then on Friday we plan to have a sharing work assembly. This is to give the children the opportunity to share a piece of work they are proud of to the other children on Teams. We will randomly choose 6 or 7 children who on the Friday volunteer to take part. This will include those pupils who are in the key worker group at school. Story time and this assembly will begin at 2.30pm and finish at 3pm.


Over the next two weeks, your child will be focusing on writing an information text (non-chronological report) about Fair Trade. We have also included lessons to develop sentence construction and editing. The lessons will be structured in a similar way to the previous weeks’ learning with texts to read, a not template and a writing session followed by an editing and best copy session.


On Thursday of next week, there is time for your child to create an anti-litter poster for the Haydon Wick Parish Council competition. Further details are in the newsletter on our website (due to go on today – Friday 29th Jan). Please do not send the entries to us – they need to be emailed to the Parish Council.


We have continued to put the home learning on the website as zip folders and now have put the planned work on Teams as just folders under the folder marked – “Classroom Materials” which is located beneath the” Files” icon at the top of the screen.


We will continue to upload daily folders of work rather than folders for each subject. We will still provide a weekly overview of the learning per subject so you can see how the sequence of Reading, English and Maths is put together and you can easily swap morning and afternoon sessions around to suit you.


In each daily folder, there is an overview of the day’s lessons with times. Please feel free to move the times around and each day’s lessons to suit your home schedule. You may also want to spend more time on one subject.


As per previous weeks those lessons that are asterisked, are the lessons we would like you to send work to us and we will comment on. Of course, you may still wish to send us work you and your child are proud of too.


The Yellow boxes on the weekly timetable are the pre-recorded lessons and can be found on the website under: Children’s Resources Children’s Videos year 4. We hope these continue to be useful in developing your child’s learning.


Once again, many thanks for your continued support.

Take care and kind regards,

The Year Four Team