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School Logo

Catherine Wayte

Primary School

Year 5 (V3 and V4)

Year 5 Sports Afternoon - Last week, Year 5 children enjoyed their sports afternoon despite the odd heavy rain shower! We didn't let the weather stop us though and everyone demonstrated good sportsmanship and tried their best.  

Planning for the Year 6 Residential 2022 is underway...  Please see the attached PowerPoint to get acquainted with what will be on offer!

Last Thursday in Year 5 the date became Thursday 6th May 1891 for the day as Year 5 travelled back in time to the Victorian period.  Apollo 3 and 4 arrived at Catherine Wayte Victorian School promptly at 9am where they were greeted by the stern schoolmistress sisters, both named Miss Squire.  Once the bell had rung, silence was bestowed upon both classes as they had their hands and shoes inspected for cleanliness.  The proverb 'cleanliness is next to Godliness' was repeated throughout the day, as was 'children should be seen and not heard'. After the register was taken and the day's rules were explained, the children learnt about some of the Articles of Correction, which could be used during the day.


After that,  it was the three R's:

- reading - when the children learnt a Victorian blessing;

- writing - handwriting using a copybook and pen with ink and blotting paper;

- arithmetic - reciting times tables and learning about Victorian money with chalk and a blackboard.


There was a brief respite when the children had their recreation time, in separate playgrounds for the girls and boys.  Then the boys learnt some geography looking at the countries of the British Empire, while the girls learnt about domestic chores, such as cleaning and polishing, and how to look after a household.


At lunchtime, everyone enjoyed their authentic Victorian packed lunches, which included: bread, cheese, pasties, sausage rolls, fruitcake, shortbread, apples and carrots.  Obviously, these were all wrapped in brown paper or tea towels.


After lunch, there was a surprise and frightening visit from the School Inspector, who threatened to shut the school down if the children's behaviour and standards did not improve.  Then, the boys learnt about science and visited the wildlife area to identify plants and how to care for them.  They also displayed excellent bird identification skills later in the classroom.  While they were doing this, the girls learnt how to darn socks.


The final activity was the whole school performing drill on the playground.  The day came to a close with a final sing of the hymn of 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' and a prayer.


It was a great day and everyone enjoyed experiencing a Victorian school day.  Thank you to all parents and carers for providing costumes and lunches.