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Catherine Wayte

Primary School

6th July

Monday 6th July 2020

Dear Year 6 children and parents

We hope you and your families continue to keep safe and well. Here are some home learning activities for those of you who are not coming in to school and to supplement the learning of those of you who are, should you wish to try them.

Do continue to keep in touch on the Year 6 email address:



Hello again everybody – after last week’s fairy tale, it’s time to step it up a gear and face the might of Swindon’s premier superhero, The Fox.  There is a PDF planning file attached which also explains the task – design and create the backstory and mighty powers of David Speck’s alter-ego!  If you’d prefer, you can create your own superhero instead, or even write about a superhero that already ‘exists’.


To go with that piece of work, here are some potentially useful spellings, which also all feature negating prefixes (im-, un-, im-).  You might not be completely sure about the meaning of all of them, so make sure you look it up to find out!

invincible             indestructible                    invulnerable       indomitable        impervious        

unbreakable       unassailable                       unyielding           unflinching          unshakeable


Word jumble

And our word jumble this week is a real puzzler made up of two words… 

When the Fox first appeared there was a very

i n t e r e s t e d c i t y

Everybody wanted to know the same thing (6, 8)



Apologies first of all: one of the columns of answers last week was completely wrong!  Thanks to those of you who spotted it; luckily none of the incorrect answers made any sense whatsoever so it was quite easy for you to notice!  This week, we have ensured that those pesky computer gremlins who were interfering with our code have been punished and banished from the system forever.  This week the answers are included within the same PDF as the questions.  A few more conversions and calculations to practise.

In addition, a little investigation to get your teeth into that will help you get those percentage and decimal cogs whirring in your brains (once all the sawdust, cobwebs and vinegar have finally fallen out).  There are lots of patterns to find and things to discover – try to think about why and things work/don’t work and it can help you very quickly!



For Science there is a task linked with the topic of electricity. Using the electricity flowchart attached to help you, research and explain how electricity travels to our homes. There are 6 main points along the ‘journey’ so try to find out a bit about each one.




In Geography linked with coasts, this week we are going to look at waves. Please follow the link below which will take you to The Geographer Online website. Please look at Lesson 2 about waves, watch the videos and have a go at some of the activities. There is a diagram to draw and label and two different types of waves (constructive and destructive) to explain.


Until next time, take care and stay safe.


Mrs Tomlins and Mr Shammas