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Catherine Wayte

Primary School

29th June

Hello again everybody - it's been great to see so many of you back in school over the last few weeks.  But don't forget, you can still be working hard for those other weekdays that you are at home.

It’s a fairy tale special this week! I know – you think you’re too old for that, right? Well, tough! That’s life…



You will find a Word document called ‘Letter of Complaint’. This is an example letter sent to the local council by Billy G Gruff, who is fed up of the anti-social behaviour of a troll that lives under a bridge near his house. Several words have been removed; your first job is to come up with some different words that would make sense in each gap. Try and think of a couple for each one, before deciding which seems the best choice.

Then you’ll find another Word document called ‘WALT Three Bears Letter’. Your challenge is to write a letter of complaint about the anti-social behaviour of their neighbour, Miss Goldie Locks. Think about what they would have to complain about and then go for it! You can use Billy’s letter as a model to help you.


Word jumble

This is a fairy tale character…

m e k s p i n s u t r i l l t



We’ve included two different narrative poems for you to re-sequence; they are jumbled up in small sections. Your task is to put them back in the right order so that they flow correctly and so that the story makes sense. One of them is about a naughty schoolchild and the other is about an ape. Good luck! You could even try and write your own amusing narrative poem if you like – we’d love to read them.



Some human body revision – label the bones using their proper scientific names. To help you, we’ve included a drop-down list so once you’ve found out the correct name, the spelling shouldn’t be an issue. Once you’ve done that, you could try to write a short paragraph about some of the organs of the body, including where they are, what their function is and which system they are part of (e.g. respiratory, digestive, nervous)



Human body themed spellings for the week are:

digestion             digestive              respiratory          nervous system                  stomach

kidney                   liver                        intestine               appendix             skeleton               muscle



A variety of different conversions and calculations to practise this week, including fractions, subtractions and decimal multiplications. Plenty to get you thinking.


That's it from us - please remember to keep sending your work in to


Take care and stay safe,

Mr Shammas and Mrs Tomlins