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Catherine Wayte

Primary School

27th April

Hello again everyone,

We hope this message finds you and your family safe and well.  We've heard from many of you over the last couple of weeks but there are still a few of you who haven't yet said hello, so we'd really like to hear from you all this week!  Remember that our year group email address is and that you can contact us even if you're not sharing work but just want to say hi.


In this week's home learning collection, there are a few different maths ideas to try.  Some of them are word problems, and there is a set of extremely difficult brain-benders.  There is also a little investigation that is all about finding all the possibilities that all of you will be able to try.  In this investigation, you first need to know what different types of coin we have in our country - maybe check with an adult if you're unsure!  After that, you'll need to be systematic.  We also encourage everyone to try the maths work from Mrs Hawkins yesterday to keep your arithmetic sharp!


I've also set up another YouTube activity on the poem The Fear by Brian Moses.  The link can be found here - . It would be brilliant to read (or even watch) your poetry this week!  On the channel, you can also find two other sequences of work on ghosts and werewolves if you haven't had a go at those yet!


Some new spelling words for you this week on the theme of working together:

cooperate        together         collaborate        coordinate          liaise

And some more on the theme of not working together:

competition       feud        rivalry          strife           contention

Make sure you check to see if you know what they mean!


Lots of you had a go at our word jumble, which was transformed.  Well done if you found the big word!  Here's another word jumble for you to try:

e d i r t i p e f


There is then a little science experiment to try out - you'll need a few old pennies or two-pence pieces (don't get any from outside your own household though - that would be an infection risk at the moment).  Other than that, you just need salt and vinegar, which hopefully you will already have around the house.


Finally, a reading activity is included related to the Vikings!  Some of you enjoyed cracking the Viking runes a couple of weeks ago, so we thought we'd continue with a little Viking savagery!  The activity is an abridged version of The Viking Code - an epic Norse poem.  It should shed a little light into the minds and beliefs of Viking voyagers!

Hopefully that's enough resources to get you started for the week!  If you send us what you've been up to, we might be able to give you some personalised pointers on what else to try.


We'd also like to remind you all to send in your photo and leavers' memories, and to place your hoodie orders whenever you are able.


We look forward to hearing from you all.  Take care and stay safe.

Mr Shammas and Mrs Tomlins